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Bronze Winner

Brochures/Catalogues - Trade
Entrant: ADK Inc., Tokyo
"Levi’s® Brand Book 09 S/S Collection "Journey to South""
Corporate Name of Client: LEVI STRAUSS & CO.
Account Manager: Chiaki Noro
Agency: ADK, Tokyo
Design Company: ADK, Tokyo/JMD, Tokyo
Chief Creative Officers: Toshiro Kaneyuki/Shunsuke Kaga/Takayuki Yamada
Creative Director: Jiro Aoki
Copywriter: Kayano Shinonome
Art Directors: Jiro Aoki/ Yasuo Enokida
Photographer: Oida Hideo
Illustrators: Jiro Aoki/Kiho Ito
Graphic Designers: Yasuo Enokida/Miyuki Shinohara

Concept: Concept: Conceived as a means of communication revolving around the “freedom” concept of the 2009 spring/summer collection designed free from the conventional idea of a “book”. Intention: to express the scenic vastness of the American west coast, along with the product’s unique tones and textures. The pages are made of a rough type of paper that is also used in copperplate engraving, uncut here in its original B1 format to convey the free and adventurous image of jeans. The book was silkscreen printed by using a delicate, traditional four-plate technique, resulting in an exquisite embodiment of the constant image of denim jeans as a dynamic, old yet always new type of garment with overtones of premium clothing.

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