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The NEW Category

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The NEW Category
Entrant: DDB Germany, Berlin
IKEA Furniture
Media Type: Live Events
Corporate Name of Client: IKEA Austria
Account Managers: Stephen Kimpel/Patrick Baschinski
Agency: DDB Germany, Berlin
Chief Creative Officer: Amir Kassaei
Executive Creative Director: Stefan Schulte
Creative Directors: Birgit van den Valenty/Tim Stübane
Art Directors: René Gebhardt/Björn Kernspeckt
Graphic Designers: Peter Schönherr/Anke Zink
Agency Producers: Jonathan Helmer/Kathrin Rüppel

Basic description of the project:
How do you get maximum attention of young people? Advertise in cinemas but don’t do a standard commercial. So we inspired moviegoers with an unseen idea to get them spreading our message themselves. We used existing great movies with great actors in which IKEA products are seen accidentally. With a smart and clever trick we directed the people’s attention to the IKEA products. Guerrilla promotion teams equipped with powerful portable projectors brought names and prices of IKEA products during the movie on the screen – next to Brad Pitt, George Clooney and other famous actors.

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