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The NEW Category
Entrant: Ogilvy Frankfurt, Frankfurt
ANAD - Contemporary Beauty Ideal
Media Type: Ambient
URL Address:
Corporate Name of Client: ANAD (National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated)
Account Manager: Veronika Sikvolgyi
Agency: Ogilvy Frankfurt, Frankfurt
Chief Creative Officer: Dr. Stephan Vogel
Executive Creative Directors: Dr. Stephan Vogel/Christian Mommertz
Copywriters: Christian Mommertz/Albert S. Chan/Sabina Hesse
Art Directors: Albert S. Chan/Sabina Hesse
Photographer: Jo Bacherl
Painter: Remus Grecu
Art Buyer: Valerie Opitz

Basic description of the project:
ANAD is a pro bono organisation that educates the public about the dangers of anorexia. They asked us to help them raise money and awareness. The Solution: To demonstrate the unhealthy beauty ideals promoted by the media and fashion industry we re-painted world famous masterpieces. These paintings were then displayed in fine art museums - exactly where visitors would expect to see manifestations of true beauty. The Results: This shocking sight generated enormous interest, which spread via word of mouth and numerous articles in major national newspapers.

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