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Gold Winner

The NEW Category
Entrant: Sony Music Entertainment UK, London
AC/DC Black Ice
Media Type: Websites/Email/Excel Spreadsheet/YouTube Video
URL Address:
Corporate Name of Client: Columbia Records UK
Agency: Sony Music Creative, London
Creative Directors: Phil Clandillon/Steve Milbourne
Programmer: Svetozar Batoev

Basic description of the project:
Our brief was to reach 30-40 year-old men with 'a genuine blow-out moment in these serious times'. We decided to offer a moment of rock ‘n’ roll escapism at work. Most office workers are subject to an internet policy which stops them having fun. We decided to raise two fingers to the IT department by including AC/DC’s music in an Excel spreadsheet, allowed through every firewall. We had to make the spreadsheet compelling enough for people to pass it on. To achieve this we created the world’s first music video in Excel with the video playing back as ASCII art.

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