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The NEW Category
Entrant: 42 Entertainment, Pasadena
Why So Serious? The Dark Knight Alternate Reality Game
Media Type: Alternate Reality Games
URL Address:
Corporate Name of Client: Warner Bros Worldwide Marketing
Account Manager: Susan Bonds
Agency: 42 Entertainment, Pasadena
Chief Creative Officer: Alex Lieu
Creative Directors: Alex Lieu/Susan Bonds
Art Director: Johnny Rodriguez
Production Company: 42 Entertainment, Pasadena
Producer: Susan Bonds
Director: Alex Lieu
Lead Writer: Gary Rosen
Lead Designer: Alex Lieu
Interactive Design Director: Michael Borys
Technology Director: Todd Mohney
IT Director: George Cook
Graphic Designers: Nik Piscitello/Mario Quezada
Event Producers: Robert Fagan/Carolyn Kovacs
Sound Design: Mike Draghi
Editor: Chris May
Writers: Kevin Perry/Maureen McHugh/Rich Silverman
Designers: Steve Peters/Mike Stein/Krystyn Wells
Programmer: Markus Roskothen/Sara Raasch
Event Field Team: Derek Thron/Elliot Peters/Behnam Karbassi/Rocky Salazar/Dan Hamilton
Production Support: Heather Daugherty/Chris Medina

Basic description of the project:
“Why So Serious?” was designed as a 360 alternate reality experience to play out live over 15 months leading up to the release of The Dark Knight as a deep, pervasive, interactive, and viral experience. Thousands of touch points, including real world events, print, large scale projections, video, mobile, specialty items, user generated content, live streaming audio, scavenger hunts, casual online games and more, kept the film front and center in the press and blogosphere. More than 10M unique participants in over 75 countries make “Why So Serious?” the redefinition of alternate reality games.

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