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Entrant: Leo Burnett Colombia, Bogotá
Bolivar Insurance Universal Medical Care
Corporate Name of Client: Bolivar Insurance
Agency: Leo Burnett Colombia, Bogota
Executive Creative Director: Rodrigo Davila
Creative Directors: Jairo Lezaca/Rodrigo Tarquino
Copywriters: Julio Herazo/Jairo Lezaca/Camilo Carvajal
Agency Producer: Jaime Cordoba
Production Company: Lakyoto Sound Studio, Bogota
Executive Producer: Juana Carrasquilla
Producers: Tato Carrasquilla/Gustavo Pachon
Directors: Tato Carrasquilla/Gustavo Pachon
Recording Studio: Lakyoto Sound Studio , Bogota
Audio Engineers: Tato Carrasquilla/Gustavo Pachon
Sound Design Company: Lakyoto Sound Studio, Bogota
Sound Design By: Tato Carrasquilla/Gustavo Pachon
Music Production Company: Lakyoto Sound Studio, Bogota
Music Arrangers: Tato Carrasquilla/Gustavo Pachon
Music Composers: Tato Carrasquilla/Gustavo Pachon
Music Lyricists: Tato Carrasquilla/Gustavo Pachon
Artiste: Lakyoto Sound Studio
Voice-Over: Lakyoto Sound Studio

ALFREDO: My name is Alfredo and I suffer from Sicilia’s disease. When I was just a kid I swallowed a nut and because my mother never allowed me to drink anything while I ate, I never swallow the nut. Since then I’ve had suffered because of my voice.
ALFREDO (KID): Teacher, tell me... what is eight times nine?
TEACHER: Whatever you want it to be Mr. Alfredo.
ALFREDO: My love life has also been affected by this...
ALFREDO: Mr. Gustavo, I want to marry your daughter.
FATHER-IN-LAW: Do you think I’m going to let my family get involved with the mafia???
ALFREDO: Mafia? What mafia???...
ALFREDO: Even my relationships at work became hell.
ALFREDO: Mr. Rebolledo, and my raise???
BOSS: Listen...You can’t threaten me, you could be the all mighty in your neighborhood but I don’t fear you, everybody take a look... if something happens to know where to look.... At the bottom of the river!!!
VOICE OVER: With the Universal Medical Care Insurance Policy from Bolivar Insurance, you have someone specialized in what you thought there was no specialists for.
Bolivar Insurance. Peace of mind for you and your family.

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