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Medium Category Company City Country Brand Name of Product or Service Title(s) Corporate Name of Client Account Manager(s) Advertising Agency Advertising Agency City Design Company Design Company City Chief Creative Officer(s) Executive Creative Director(s) Creative Director(s) Associate Creative Director(s) Design Director(s) Copywriter(s) Art Director(s) Photographer(s) Illustrator(s) Graphic Designer(s) Concept
Design / Product/Brand Brochures/Catalogues - Consumer DDB Canada Toronto CANADA Fatal Lights Awareness Program "Field Guide" Fatal Lights Awareness Program (FLAP) DDB Canada Toronto Andrew Simon Matt Antonello Paul Riss Barry Kent MacKay  
Design / Product/Brand Brochures/Catalogues - Consumer Dentsu Inc. Kansai Osaka JAPAN Haiku Event "COMING MOON" MITSUBISHI ESTATE CO., LTD & IDEE CO., LTD Dentsu Inc., Kansai Osaka Katachi Co., Ltd. Tokyo Haruko Tsutsui Yoshihiro Yagi Chie Ichida Yo Kimura We aim to increase the number of participants in event and make a good impression at the event. Young Japanese people are not so interested in traditional Japanese culture. Therefore we focused on the more familiar traditional event, “Moon viewing” which takes place in Japan every year around mid-September, when the moon looks most beautiful. This contains images and stories associated with the moon. To make the readers feel as if they are “Moon viewing”, a dot is used to resemble the moon and is featured on every page. The booklet contains “Wolfman,” who turns into a wolf on the night of the full moon; “Kaguya-hime (Moon Princess)”, an old Japanese fairy tale; and the “The Space Rabbit”. Although initially intended as a one-off, it was decided to make the event quarterly due to the very positive response. The book of haiku composed by the party organizer also sold very well.  
Design / Product/Brand Calendars BUTTER Duesseldorf GERMANY 3M Earplugs "3M "Plug in"-Calendar" 3M Deutschland GmbH Christian Schirle BUTTER Berlin/Duesseldorf Michael Preuss Michael Preuss/Matthias Eickmeyer Stefan Mattes/Julia Kaminski Nadine Schlichte Anna Weil  
Design / Product/Brand Calendars Scholz & Friends Hamburg GERMANY Alpina LivingStyle Composion "The Alpina Wall Calendar 2009" Alpina Farben GmbH Florian Kienle Scholz & Friends Stefan Setzkorn/Matthias Schmidt Dennis Lueck/Suze Berrett Michael Toennis Marco Lidzba  
Design / Product/Brand Corporate Identity Lukas Lindemann Rosinski Hamburg GERMANY Lukas Lindemann Rosinski "Size Matters" Lukas Lindemann Rosinski Lukas Lindemann Rosinski Hamburg Arno Lindemann/Bernhard Lukas Thomas Heyen Markus Kremer Alexander Roetterink When Bernhard Lukas, Arno Lindemann and Bent Rosinski started their own ad-agency, they were looking for a logo that contained something personal from each founder. They discovered a particular point: The length of their names were proportional to their actual heights and were proportional to each other (60%, 100%, 80%). And thus, the concept for their Corporate Identity was born: SIZE MATTERS. Programming: Grimm Gallun Holtappels, Hamburg; Post Production: Deli Pictures, Hamburg; Audioproduction: Studio Funk, Hamburg; Editor: Jan Richter; Interactive Producers: Bianca Mack/Andreas Coutsoumbelis; Visual Effects: Jan Richter/Rafael Ahamad; Producer: Michael Reissinger
Design / Product/Brand Corporate Identity MacLaren McCann Calgary CANADA Murray Piano Services "Murray Piano Services Logo" Murray Piano Services Tyler Seminuk MacLaren McCann Calgary Mike Meadus Mike Meadus Mike Meadus  
Design / Product/Brand Corporate Identity Rethink Vancouver CANADA Blim Screenprinting "Blim Screenprinting Business Cards" Blim Screenprinting Cameron Walker Rethink Vancouver Rethink Vancouver Ian Grais/Chris Staples Kim Ridgewell Producer: Sheila Santa Barbara; Studio Artist: Justin Renvoize; Printer: Arkwell Industries Ltd.
Design / Product/Brand Corporate Identity Scholz & Friends Berlin GERMANY Priest's Office Grueneberg "The Folded Cross Notepaper For The Church In Grueneberg" Pfarramt Grueneberg Anna Gabriel Scholz & Friends Martin Pross Matthias Spaetgens/Robert Krause/Philipp Woehler Christian Brandes Robert Bilz  
Design / Product/Brand Direct Mail – Business-to-Business DDB Brasil São Paulo BRAZIL Saxsofunny (Sound Production Company) "Every Image has a Sound" Saxsofunny Daniel Malavazzi DDB Brasil Sao Paulo DDB Brasil Sao Paulo Sergio Valente Sergio Valente/Rodolfo Sampaio/Julio Andery Sergio Valente/Rodolfo Sampaio/Julio Andery/Guilherme Jahara/Marcelo Reis Otavio Schiavon Gustavo Victorino Gustavo Victorino  
Design / Product/Brand Direct Mail – Consumer GOSS Gothenburg SWEDEN Sportspec "The Parking Ticket Converter" Sportspec Anna Troglin/Lena Kling/Monica N. Persson GOSS Gothenburg Johan Good/Fredrik Toreskog/Stig Lundstedt Lena Björklund Henriksson/Elin Andreasson Johan Nerman/Elisabeth Berlander/Ulrika Good/Micke Schultz Albin Larsson/Gunnar Skarland/Mattias Frendberg/Mimmi Andersson/Jan Eneroth Louise Christiansson Digital Director: Robert German
Design / Product/Brand Editorial Design Mola Ativism Lisbon PORTUGAL Anagrama "Anagram Brochure" Pure Ativism Cláudia Figueira Mola Ativism Lisbon Rui Morais Vasco Durão Valdemar Lamego  
Design / Product/Brand Editorial Design Mola Ativism Lisbon PORTUGAL Ativism "Ativism Brochure" Ativism Cláudia Figueira Mola Ativism Lisbon Rui Morais Anagrama Valdemar Lamego  
Design / Product/Brand Environmental Design BBDO New York New York UNITED STATES Gillette "Bloody Tissue Poster Co-Op" Procter & Gamble Peter Geary/Matthew Rednor/Brooke Diamond BBDO New York New York David Lubars/Bill Bruce Jack Neary/Greg Hahn Tom Kraemer Scott Kaplan Billy Siegrist  
Design / Product/Brand Environmental Design McCann Erickson London UNITED KINGDOM McCann Erickson London "McCann Erickson London Branding" McCann Erickson London McCann Erickson London London Simon Learman/Brian Fraser Harry Malt How do you radically shift the perception of an agency? Answer: Start from the inside. Dramatically transform the traditional office space into a thought-inspiring environment that promotes freethinking. Change the way the staff feel, and you change everything.  
Design / Product/Brand Point-of-Sale Leo Burnett India Mumbai INDIA Tide Detergent "Tide Stainbroidery" Proctor & Gamble Gaurav Lalwani/Sharan Sabhachandani Leo Burnett India Mumbai KV Sridhar KB Vinod KB Vinod Deepak Singh/Nishant Jethi Nishant Jethi  
Design / Product/Brand Point-of-Sale Naga DDB/Rapp Malaysia Petaling Jaya MALAYSIA Stabilo Marathon Pen "Handwritten Newspaper" Schwan-STABILO Marketing Sdn. Bhd. Petaling Jaya Naga DDB/Rapp Petaling Jaya Ted Lim Grenville Francis/Ted Lim Wong Shu Kor Foo Song Pe The Agency Produced a handwritten free newspaper. Everything - the news, the editorials, the pictures and ads - everything was rendered in pen before printing. Thus demonstrating the longevity of Stabilo's Marathon Pen.  
Design / Product/Brand Posters Arnold Boston UNITED STATES Old #7 "Jack Daniel's Election posters" Jack Daniel's Arnold Boston Pete Favat Wade Paschall/Wade Devers Gregg Nelson/Craig Johnson/Lawson Clarke Tim Mahoney Production Managers: Jim Spadafora/Wendy Donnelly; Art Producer: Jessica Hunter; Project Manager: Sara Ford; Planner: Dan Sarmiento; Account Service: John Megna; Letterpress: Yee Haw Industries
Design / Product/Brand Posters BBDO New York New York UNITED STATES Smart Car "Balloon, Marshmallow, Egg" Chrysler BBDO New York New York David Lubars/Bill Bruce James Clunie/Pierre Lipton Pierre Lipton James Clunie  
Design / Product/Brand Posters BBDO New York New York UNITED STATES FedEx "Statue of Sugarloaf", "Taj Opera House", "Arc de Tori" FedEx BBDO New York New York David Lubars/Bill Bruce Greg Hahn/Mike Smith Matthew Brink Adam Livesey Kathleen Hanna  
Design / Product/Brand Posters Lowe Philippines Makati City PHILIPPINES Viva Video City "Video City "Joint"" Viva Video City Tynna Antonio Lowe Philippines Makati City Steve Clay Mario Serrano Joel Banzil/Steve Clay Joel Banzil/Mario Serrano Jake Fernandez  
Design / Product/Brand Self-Promotion DDB Germany Berlin GERMANY DDB "DDB City Guides" DDB Group Germany Gesa Birkmann/Julia Liedtke DDB Germany Berlin DDB Germany Berlin Amir Kassaei Stefan Schulte Natalie Sofinskyj Annalena Hagenah/Viktoria Gohr/Audrey Nolan Patrick Houi/Nils Haack/Benedikt Burczyk/Haroc Marcard/René Tilmann/Marilyn Wolf Jelka von Langen The task was creating a new business tool to attract newly-arrived marketing managers to DDB. We are best able to do this by making it easier for them to start out in their new city. So we created three city guides for Berlin, Hamburg and Dusseldorf. The City Guides give insights into the agency's choice of locations. Each location is described in German and English on a business card-sized perforated card to rip out and take with you. The last cards in the book are business cards of the relevant contact persons for new business at DDB.