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Medium Category Award Company City Country Brand Name of Product or Service Title(s) Corporate Name of Client Account Manager(s) Advertising Agency Advertising Agency City Design Company Design Company City Chief Creative Officer(s) Executive Creative Director(s) Creative Director(s) Associate Creative Director(s) Design Director(s) Copywriter(s) Art Director(s) Photographer(s) Illustrator(s) Graphic Designer(s) Concept
Design / Product/Brand Annual Reports Gold Winner Serviceplan Munich GERMANY Hungerproject e.V. "Ababa Banti" Das Hunger Projekt e.V. Mechthild Frey; Serviceplan Munich Alex Schill Alex Schill Christoph Everke/Tim Strathus/Matthias Mittermueller Tim Strathus/Mathias Woellm Monika Steiner Monika Steiner Agency Account Manager: Alexander Monagas
Design / Product/Brand Annual Reports Bronze Winner Rahofer Werbeagentur Salzburg AUSTRIA Palfinger Annual Report 2008 "Times are tough." Palfinger AG Rahofer Werbeagentur Salzburg Rahofer Werbeagentur Salzburg Jo Nussbaumer Jo Nussbaumer Jo Nussbaumer Scholdan&Company Marcel Chytra/Birgit Fuhrmeister Andreas Fitzner Katharina Lassnig Photographic Studio: Vienna Paint
Design / Product/Brand Brochures/Catalogues - Trade Gold Winner Iconologic Atlanta UNITED STATES The Cooper Carry Magazine "HERE Nº 3" Cooper Carry Architects Ward Copeland Iconologic Atlanta Matt Rollins Juliet D'Ambrosio Kendra Rainey Gregory Miller/Edward Burtynksy/J. Henry Fair/Jason Fulford Lea Friedman Lea Friedman/Gabe Benzur  
Design / Product/Brand Brochures/Catalogues - Trade Bronze Winner ADK Inc. Tokyo JAPAN LEVI STRAUSS & CO. "Levi’s® Brand Book 09 S/S Collection "Journey to South"" LEVI STRAUSS & CO. Chiaki Noro ADK Tokyo ADK, Tokyo/JMD Tokyo Toshiro Kaneyuki/Shunsuke Kaga/Takayuki Yamada Jiro Aoki Kayano Shinonome Jiro Aoki/ Yasuo Enokida Oida Hideo Jiro Aoki/Kiho Ito Yasuo Enokida/Miyuki Shinohara Concept: Conceived as a means of communication revolving around the “freedom” concept of the 2009 spring/summer collection designed free from the conventional idea of a “book”. Intention: to express the scenic vastness of the American west coast, along with the product’s unique tones and textures. The pages are made of a rough type of paper that is also used in copperplate engraving, uncut here in its original B1 format to convey the free and adventurous image of jeans. The book was silkscreen printed by using a delicate, traditional four-plate technique, resulting in an exquisite embodiment of the constant image of denim jeans as a dynamic, old yet always new type of garment with overtones of premium clothing.  
Design / Product/Brand Brochures/Catalogues - Trade Bronze Winner Rethink Vancouver CANADA The Society of Graphic Designers of Canada "Graphex Annual" The Society of Graphic Designers of Canada Carrie Panio Rethink Vancouver Rethink Vancouver Ian Grais/Chris Staples Alastair Bird/Robert Earnest Lisa Nakamura Producer: Rhonda Waterfall; Studio Artist: Richard Parkes; Printers: Hemlock Printers
Design / Product/Brand Calendars Silver Winner BUTTER Duesseldorf GERMANY WALTHER Sporting Firearms "Target Calendar" Carl WALTHER GmbH Sportwaffen Christian Schirle BUTTER Berlin/Duesseldorf BUTTER Berlin/Duesseldorf Michael Preuss Timm Holm/Michael Preuss Till Grabsch Björn von Buchholtz Walther’s sporting firearms are known all over the world for precision. Brief was developing a tool that delights everyone from regular clients to potential customers. So we decided to build a calendar out of the bullet-butt. There is a shooting inlay for every month of the year, one target for each day.  
Design / Product/Brand Calendars Silver Winner Jung von Matt Hamburg GERMANY Practice for Traditional Chinese Medicine "Acupuncture" Praxis Dr. med. Ralph-Peter Schink, Dr. med. Werner Jansen Nadine Simon Jung von Matt Hamburg Wolf Heumann Wolf Heumann/Ove Gley Lars Borker Daniel Such/Nives Teskera Acupuncture 2009 Practice of Dr. med Ralph-Peter Schink and Dr. med. Werner Jansen  
Design / Product/Brand Calendars Silver Winner Scholz & Friends Berlin GERMANY Lerche Silhouette Calendar "Silhouette Calendar" Lerche Buerostahlwaren, Pet. Da. Baus KG Dinah Frey/Christian Heyken/Sonja Overbeck Scholz & Friends Berlin Martin Pross Matthias Spaetgens Michael Winterhagen Stephen Quell/Stephan Schaefer Marc Ebenwaldner/Heidrun Kleingries/Katrin Berle Nico Hesselmann Dominika Dobrzalski/Lisa-Marie Schroeder Daniel Hahn "Immer Scharf" means "Always Sharp" in German but also "Always Horny". Like "Hot" also means "Sexy" in English. It is part of the brand heritage of Lerche Scissors, promising the highest quality in sharpness and long lastingness.  
Design / Product/Brand Calendars Silver Winner Serviceplan Munich GERMANY AOK - Apple Calendar "An apple a day...." AOK Bayern - Die Gesundheitskasse Armin Schoebel Serviceplan Munich Alex Schill Matthias Harbeck/Ekki Frenkler Hannah Nickl Laura Wilhelm Alan Grund Michel-Maurice Lueck/Susanne Specht Agency Account Supervisor: Laura Doetz
Design / Product/Brand Calendars Bronze Winner Heye & Partner Unterhaching GERMANY McDonald's "McDonald's "365"" McDonald's Germany Inc. Carina Eickmann Heye, Group Unterhaching Alexander Bartel/Martin Kiessling Peter Hirrlinger/Zeljko Pezely Christoph Gaehwiler Florian Binder We captured one magical moment of the McDonald’s experience – the build-up of anticipation for the food that occurs when taking a napkin just before eating – and transported this feeling to business partners’ offices 365 times a year by using a napkin dispenser which serves as a tear-off calender. The German phrase, ”Einen Guten!”, is a short form of, “enjoy your meal” as well as, “have a good day”.  
Design / Product/Brand Corporate Identity Gold Winner AlmapBBDO São Paulo BRAZIL Havaianas Visual Identity "Turning a simple flip-flop into a global brand" São Paulo Alpargatas AlmapBBDO São Paulo Marcello Serpa Marcello Serpa Marcus Sulzbacher Marcos Kotlhar/Marcello Serpa/Bruno Prosperi/Danilo Siqueira/Sergio Mugnaini/Danilo Boer/Adhemas Batista/João Lineu/Renato Fernandez/Marcus Sulzbacher Concept: Turn 30 cm of Rubber +2 straps at an average price of *?Dollars into a global brand. By combining simplicity with happiness, Exuberance with ireverence and design with Color. Every Manifestation of the brand, regardless of media, always has the sandal in its center. And by reflecting Brazil’s easygoing personality, its soul and culture, we’re building a unique identity. Transforming a simple rubber sandal into the first truly Brazilian global brand. Havaianas  
Design / Product/Brand Direct Mail – Consumer Silver Winner Y&R South Africa Johannesburg SOUTH AFRICA UNICEF "Toy Soldiers" UNICEF Y&R South Africa Johannesburg Michael Blore Liam Wielopolski Anita Modi Sebastian Schneider Mbuso Tshabalala Brad Stapleton The African Continent has the world's highest number of child soldiers, fighting in wars they don't believe in, for causes they don't understand. UNICEF extracts many of these children from combat and reintegrates them into society. We sent out a direct mailer that garners support for UNICEF's child soldier programme. Initially, the mailer appears to be a typical packet of toy soldiers, but once opened, the recipients find that the figurines are in fact children - reading books, playing soccer, riding bikes and doing other childhood activities.  
Design / Product/Brand Direct Mail – Consumer Bronze Winner BBDO New York New York UNITED STATES The Economist "Pizza Boxes: Arable Land" The Economist Kate Houghton/Clayton Ruebensaal/Robin Quill BBDO New York New York David Lubars/Bill Bruce James Clunie Kara Goodrich James Clunie Senior Creative Director: Kara Goodrich
Design / Product/Brand Direct Mail – Consumer Bronze Winner GOSS Gothenburg SWEDEN Gothenburg Homeless Aid "The Homeless Letter" Göteborgs Räddningsmission / Gothenburg Homeless Aid Monica N. Persson/Anna Troglin/Lena Kling GOSS Gothenburg Johan Good/Fredrik Toreskog/Stig Lundstedt Lena Björklund Henriksson, Elin Andreasson Elisabeth Berlander/Ulrika Good/Micke Schultz Gunnar Skarland/Albin Larsson/Mattias Frendberg/Mimmi Andersson/Jan Eneroth Louise Christiansson Digital Director: Robert German
Design / Product/Brand Direct Mail – Consumer Bronze Winner Talent Propaganda São Paulo BRAZIL Mizuno Running Footwear "Wear This T-Shirt and Go Run" Alpartagas Rogerio Dezembro/Camila Mancebo Talent Propaganda Sao Paulo Leo Macias/Joao Livi Leo Macias J. P. Magalhaes Leo Macias/Ricardo Silveira Mario Coelho Leo Macias Leo Macias/Ricardo Silveira  
Design / Product/Brand Environmental Design Gold Winner ART+COM Berlin GERMANY Media Facade "Mediatecture for the BMW Museum" BMW Group ART+COM, Berlin/ATELIER BRUECKNER Stuttgart Joachim Sauter (ART+COM)/Uwe R. Brueckner (ATELIER BRUECKNER) Eberhard Schlag (ATELIER BRUECKNER) Dennis Paul (ART+COM) Susanne Traeger/Jens-Ove Panknin/Christine Paech/David Siegel/Gerd Grueneis/Tobias Gremmler (ART+COM) The approach was to create a dynamic environment for a museum of mobility. The Mediatecture, a symbiosis of media and architecture, on one hand, enlarges the space by extending it virtually through three-dimensional moving images. It also sets the exhibited "parked" cars in motion relative to the animated walls. In the reactive mode, the pattern of illumination changes according to the presence of visitors and thus actively involved them in the scenario.  
Design / Product/Brand Environmental Design Silver Winner ART+COM Berlin GERMANY Mechatronical Installation "The Kinetic Sculpture for the BMW Museum" BMW Group ART+COM Berlin Joachim Sauter Jussi Ängeslevä/Patrick Kochlik/Petra Trefzger Susanne Traeger The Kinetic Sculpture is a metaphorical translation of the process of form-finding in design. Moving chaotically at first, the sculpture evolves through several competing forms and eventually resolves into a final shape whose profile hints at well-known, historic and current, BMW automobiles. 714 metal spheres, hang from thin steel wires attached to individually-controlled stepper motors and cover an area of six square meters.  
Design / Product/Brand Environmental Design Silver Winner Lowe & Partners Petaling Jaya MALAYSIA IKEA "IKEA Staircase Drawer" IKEA Malaysia Ong Bee Lin/Nicole Wong Lowe & Partners Petaling Jaya Ng Heok Seong Ng Heok Seong Mohan Prabhakar Joseph Lee/Ng Heok Seong Hoch - Studio Pashe Joseph Lee/Desmond Phang  
Design / Product/Brand Environmental Design Silver Winner Ogilvy Frankfurt Frankfurt GERMANY ANAD - The Contemporary Beauty Ideal ""Manet's Olympia", "Ingres' Bather", "Boucher's Nude"" ANAD (National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated) Veronika Sikvolgyi Ogilvy Frankfurt Frankfurt Dr. Stephan Vogel Dr. Stephan Vogel/Christian Mommertz Dr. Stephan Vogel/Christian Mommertz Christian Mommertz/Albert S. Chan/Sabina Hesse Albert S. Chan/Sabina Hesse Jo Bacherl Painter: Remus Grecu
Design / Product/Brand Environmental Design Bronze Winner HEIMAT Berlin GERMANY Hornbach DIY/Home Improvement Stores "The House of Imagination" Hornbach Home Improvement Superstores Mark Hassan/Yves Krämer/Sammy Bohneberg HEIMAT Berlin HEIMAT Berlin Guido Heffels Guido Heffels/Matthias Storath Kai Gerken Matthias Storath/Susanne Dueber Kai Gerken/Lena Mahr Markus Müller In August 2008, the HORNBACH DIY/ Home Improvement Superstore chain created a poetic promise that only a company of that size could possibly make good on. IF YOU CAN IMAGINE IT YOU CAN BUILD IT. The idea became real by founding the HOUSE OF IMAGINATION, an old empty apartment building in the middle of Berlin. Twelve international artists turned the standard living rooms provided into amazing, bizarre, fantastic experiences. The location turned into the Place to be by strictly limiting music clubs and restaurants.  
Design / Specialisms/Technique Photography Bronze Winner KW43 Branddesign Düsseldorf GERMANY Morning Sun Andreas Körner/Gao Yi Michael Rewald/Nina Koppke KW43 Branddesign Duesseldorf Rüdiger Goetz Christian Vöttiner Astrid Schröder Andreas Körner/Gao Yi This project illuminates the various facets of the two major Chinese cities, Shanghai and Beijing, undergoing major changes as they become mega cities. To carry the idea forward, the separators were decorated to depict the style of the traditional scissor art and create a gripping contrast between modern photography and the ancient Chinese form of art. The western perspective on the oriental way of life is also hinted at by the use of western typography in eastern page layouts.  
Design / Specialisms/Technique Photography Bronze Winner Scholz & Friends Hamburg GERMANY Siemens IC5 "Siemens Recipe Card Campaign - Fried plums with chocolate-espresso mousse" Siemens-Electrogeraete GmbH Frank-Michael Trau/Verena Lettau Scholz & Friends Hamburg Matthias Schmidt/Stefan Setzkorn Gunnar Loeser/Markus Daubenbuechel Sascha Dettweiler/Christian Doering Marius Claudius Wolfram  
Design / Product/Brand Posters Gold Winner Big Ant International New York UNITED STATES Global Coalition for Peace "What Goes Around Comes Around" Global Coalition for Peace Big Ant International New York Richard Wilde Alfred S. Park Frank Anselmo Jeseok Yi William Tran/Francisco Hui Jeseok Yi  
Design / Product/Brand Posters Silver Winner McCann Worldgroup Hong Kong HONG KONG Nike Basketball League "Paper Battlefield" NIKE Hong Kong Ltd. Penelope Yau/Calton Chu McCann Worldgroup Hong Kong Spencer Wong Nick Lim/Terry Tsang/Chris Fong/Wong Wai Terry Tsang/Wong Wai Chris Fong/Cherry Yiu/Nicky Sun  
Design / Product/Brand Posters Silver Winner Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok THAILAND LA Bicycle Folding Bike "Fold" LA Bicycle (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Vichanan Dechnarapan Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok Wisit Lumsiricharoenchoke/Nopadol Srikieatikajohn Jutatip Praditgate Wisit Lumsiricharoenchoke/Nopadol Srikieatikajohn/ Somchai Dejnarongpitak Srimongkol Phachonkaew /Suttisak Disthasongchan Surachai Puthikulangkura/Ananthakit Hirantanakorn  
Design / Product/Brand Posters Bronze Winner Dentsu Inc. Tokyo JAPAN 2008 Dentsu Cannes Seminar "Asian Diversity: Beyond the Great Wall" Dentsu Inc. Dentsu Inc. Tokyo Dentsu Inc. Tokyo Akira Kagami Koichiro Toda Ryo Watanabe/Shuntaro Iwami/Minako Fujimoto Jun Katogi Koichiro Toda Shigeki Yuriko Yamane  
Design / Product/Brand Self-Promotion Bronze Winner GJP Advertising Toronto CANADA Roland Semprie "T-shirt" Roland Semprie GJP Advertising + Design Toronto Alan Gee Lisa Greenberg/Trevor Schoenfeld Ross Pryde Chris Duchaine  
Design / Product/Brand Self-Promotion Bronze Winner Y&R Thailand Bangkok THAILAND GLAMMER Education Institute of Hair Design "Let's Start" Glammer Education Pavara Tanboonchit Y&R Thailand Bangkok Phayungsak Jaruphun Veris Na Songkhla Visionary  
Design / Specialisms/Technique Use of Illustration Silver Winner AlmapBBDO São Paulo BRAZIL Havaianas Top "Windows" São Paulo Alpargatas AlmapBBDO São Paulo Marcello Serpa Marcello Serpa Fabio Alexandre/Cássio Zanatta Marcus Sulzbacher/Marcos Kotlhar Fernando Nalon/Daishi Pais Marcos Kotlhar/Marcus Sulzbacher  
Design / Specialisms/Technique Use of Illustration Silver Winner Newsun/JWT Advertising Guangzhou CHINA SUNLIFE-Milk Powder "Children Campaign" SUNLIFE Guangzhou Newsun/JWT Advertising Guangzhou Guangzhou Newsun/JWT Advertising Guangzhou Stephen Mui Yiping Liu Ning Xue Ning Xue/Na Cheng/Chaowen Zheng Yiping Liu/ Jie Zheng/Stephen Mui Yuandong Liu Incredible strength  
Design / Specialisms/Technique Use of Illustration Silver Winner Y&R New York New York UNITED STATES World Beard and Moustache Championships Campaign "Boxer", "Rams", "Arm Wrestler", "Ribbon" South Central Alaska Beard and Moustache Club Caleb Lubarsky/David Ritter Y&R New York New York Scott Vitrone/Ian Reichenthal Neel Williams Jason Nitti Jason Nitti/Neel Williams  
Design / Specialisms/Technique Use of Illustration Bronze Winner JWT Frankfurt GERMANY Super Soaker "Creek", "Hill" Hasbro Deutschland GmbH Angela Posch/Philipp Mueller-Scheesel JWT Frankfurt Mike Ries Oliver Kessler Alexander Priebs-Macpherson Ralf Richter Benjamin von Eckartsberg