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Medium Category Award Company City Country Brand Name of Product or Service Media Type URL Address Username Password Corporate Name of Client Account Manager(s) Advertising Agency Advertising Agency City Chief Creative Officer(s) Group Creative Director(s) Executive Creative Director(s) Creative Director(s) Associate Creative Director(s) Copywriter(s) Art Director(s) Photographer(s) Illustrator(s) Graphic Designer(s) Executive Agency Producer(s) Agency Producer(s) Production Company Production Company City Senior Executive Producer Executive Producer(s) Producer(s) Director(s) Sound Design Company Sound Design City Sound Designer(s) Designer Interactive Designer Programmer Other Basic description of the project
The NEW Category The NEW Category Grand LIA / Gold Winner AKQA London UNITED KINGDOM FIAT - "eco:Drive" Websites FIAT Livia Bernardin/Bonnie Bodram/Elisabeth Pinto AKQA London James Hilton Nick Turner Chris Williams Andy Cutbill Richard Baxter Strategic Planner: Paul O'Neil eco:Drive is a technology first: an innovative application that connects your car with your PC, enabling you to analyse your driving style and improve your fuel efficiency. Download the application, plug a USB stick into your Fiat, and it records data as you drive. Connect the stick to your PC, and eco:Drive converts your driving data into easy-to-understand facts and figures. You can calculate your total mileage, the CO2 you’ve produced and the total money you’ve saved, and get tips on improving your eco:Index score. You can even join other eco:Drivers around the world in the online eco:Ville community. Proofreader: Rebecca Keys; Technical Account Director: Miriam Healy; Head of Technical Architecture: Neville Kuyt; Technical Manager: Stuart George; Lead Creative Developer: Rick Williams; Senior Creative Developers: Harald Krefting/James Hay; Technical Architect: Adam Creeger; Quality Assurance: Martin Harlow; UE Architect: Alison Rushworth
The NEW Category The NEW Category Gold Winner Crispin Porter + Bogusky Boulder UNITED STATES Burger King - "Whopper Sacrifice" Networked Communities/Direct Burger King Crispin Porter + Bogusky Boulder Rob Reilly/Andrew Keller Bill Wright/James Dawson-Hollis Nuno Ferreira/Neil Heymann Joel Kaplan Saman Rahmanian Robert Valdes Managing Director of Interactive: Winston Binch To find out how much America loved the Whopper, we offered a simple challenge: Sacrifice (delete) ten of your Facebook friends, and Burger King will reward your loyalty with a free Whopper. There was one twist; each friend you deleted would be notified of your actions, meaning your sacrifice was a public statement that you chose the Whopper over friendship. In no time at all, thousands had accepted our challenge and cleaned out their friends list. Ten days, 80,000 users, and 233,906 sacrificed friends after launch, Facebook became uncomfortable with the number of severed friendships and ended the campaign. Interactive Executive Creative Director: Jeff Benjamin; Integrated Producer: Rob Allen; Jr. Integrated Producer: Amanda Schultz; Development Partners: Refresh Partners/Ascent Marketing Partner; Interactive Design Director: Pelun Chen; Interactive Designer: John Whitmore; Flash Designer: Andrew Kennedy; Interaction Designer: Jordan Clayton-Hall; Interactive Developer: Jimmy Pino/Robert Christ; Quality Assurance Analyst: James Lukensow; Quality Assurance Director: Stewart Warner; Associate Technical Director: Mat Ranauro; Technical Lead: Oscar Llarena/Scott Prindle
The NEW Category The NEW Category Gold Winner Leo Burnett Sydney AUSTRALIA Earth Hour Television/Print/Outdoor/Websites/Blogs/Ambient/Live Events/Direct/Radio WWF Sam McGown Leo Burnett Sydney Andy DiLallo/Jay Benjamin Michael Canning Kieran Antill Adrian Shapiro/Rita Gagliardi Robot i, Sydney/Curious Sydney Peter Grasse/Tim Denton Syd Garron/Tim Denton Shepard Fairey/Masataka Kawano Artist: Shepard Fairey In the third year of Earth Hour, it was time to turn the symbol of switching off the lights into real action against global warming. In December 2009, world leaders will meet in Copenhagen to determine if policies are made to take action against global warming. We targeted this meeting as a critical opportunity for people of the world to make their voice heard. To unite the world to take action, we transformed the light switch into a vote, and held an election between Earth and Global Warming. Over 4000 cities in 88 countries voted by switching off their lights. Editor: Patrick Filetti
The NEW Category The NEW Category Gold Winner SapientNitro Brisbane AUSTRALIA The Best Job in The World Print/Websites/Blogs/Live Events/Email/Networked Communities/Direct/Editorial/PR Tourism Queensland Darren McColl/Edwina Gilmour/Anne-Maree Wilson/Adam Ford SapientNitro Brisbane Nancy Hartley/James Burchill Merrin McCormick Cristian Staal/Ralphie Barnett Jason Kibsgaard/Matt Farrugia Daniel Button Senior Developers: Glen Peterson/Anton Ward Objective: Global awareness of the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef Idea: We created ‘The Best Job in the World’, Island Caretaker of Tourism Queensland - anyone could apply. Seamless Integration: Launched globally with small space recruitment ads in press, online and Travel Agent Posters, driving traffic to, (supported by MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter) Comprehensive PR strategy supplied Media Kits with footage of IGBR to global media hubs. The application process was designed as a viral channel, applicants embarked on their own campaigns to garner support and wildcard votes. Result: Unprecedented international media coverage and engagement Head of Technology: Horia Trian
The NEW Category The NEW Category Gold Winner Sony Music Entertainment UK London UNITED KINGDOM AC/DC Black Ice Websites/Email/Excel Spreadsheet/YouTube Video Columbia Records UK Sony Music Creative London Phil Clandillon/Steve Milbourne Svetozar Batoev Our brief was to reach 30-40 year-old men with 'a genuine blow-out moment in these serious times'. We decided to offer a moment of rock ‘n’ roll escapism at work. Most office workers are subject to an internet policy which stops them having fun. We decided to raise two fingers to the IT department by including AC/DC’s music in an Excel spreadsheet, allowed through every firewall. We had to make the spreadsheet compelling enough for people to pass it on. To achieve this we created the world’s first music video in Excel with the video playing back as ASCII art.  
The NEW Category The NEW Category Silver Winner 42 Entertainment Pasadena UNITED STATES Why So Serious? The Dark Knight Alternate Reality Game Alternate Reality Games Warner Bros Worldwide Marketing Susan Bonds 42 Entertainment Pasadena Alex Lieu Alex Lieu/Susan Bonds Johnny Rodriguez 42 Entertainment Pasadena Susan Bonds Alex Lieu “Why So Serious?” was designed as a 360 alternate reality experience to play out live over 15 months leading up to the release of The Dark Knight as a deep, pervasive, interactive, and viral experience. Thousands of touch points, including real world events, print, large scale projections, video, mobile, specialty items, user generated content, live streaming audio, scavenger hunts, casual online games and more, kept the film front and center in the press and blogosphere. More than 10M unique participants in over 75 countries make “Why So Serious?” the redefinition of alternate reality games. Lead Writer: Gary Rosen; Lead Designer: Alex Lieu; Interactive Design Director: Michael Borys; Technology Director: Todd Mohney; IT Director: George Cook; Graphic Designers: Nik Piscitello/Mario Quezada; Event Producers: Robert Fagan/Carolyn Kovacs; Sound Design: Mike Draghi; Editor: Chris May; Writers: Kevin Perry/Maureen McHugh/Rich Silverman; Designers: Steve Peters/Mike Stein/Krystyn Wells; Programmer: Markus Roskothen/Sara Raasch; Event Field Team: Derek Thron/Elliot Peters/Behnam Karbassi/Rocky Salazar/Dan Hamilton; Production Support: Heather Daugherty/Chris Medina
The NEW Category The NEW Category Silver Winner BEAM Boston UNITED STATES PUMA Together Everywhere Outdoor/Websites/Ambient/Mobile PUMA BEAM, Boston/ Area Code, New York Dave Batista Josh Dean Kevin Slavin Rob Peacock/Kate Hartman Phone Valley Paris Guillaume Lelait/Frederic Nardon Music 4, London/ Wise Buddah, London Jim Rich/Ed Leffler/Charlie Schultz/Josh Knowles Via this mobile program, supporters could share the joy with friends and family whenever their team scored a goal at Euro 2008 in Austria & Switzerland. With a simple online or WAP sign-up, they could download a free, custom ring tone of one of their national team's anthems or chants. Whenever their team scored, this anthem or chant played automatically on their mobile. If they answered, they were placed into a free conference call with a group of friends and family they predefined.  
The NEW Category The NEW Category Silver Winner Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Melbourne AUSTRALIA The Four'N Twenty Magic Salad Plate Television/Websites/The Magic Salad Plate Patties: Four'N Twenty Ricci Meldrum/Sarah Galbraith Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Melbourne James McGrath Ant Keogh Julian Schreiber/Tom Martin Tom Martin/Julian Schreiber Musonda Katongo Sevda Cemo Renegade Films Melbourne Jenny Livingston Tony Rogers Flagstaff Studios Melbourne Stevo Williams Calvin Teoh Plate Project Manager: Joanne Currie Instead of denying the Four’N Twenty Meat Pie's lack of health, like so many other brands with their healthy choice meals, we decided instead to embrace it. To this end we created not an ad, but an idea that innovatively worked hand in hand with the pie to humourously say “For five minutes society, can you bugger off and let me eat what I want!” We created The Four’N Twenty Magic Salad Plate. A product that ridiculously lets pie eaters look like they’re eating salad when in truth it’s just part of the plate. Director of Photography: Marin Johnson; Editor: Gene Hammond-Lewis; Interactive Producer: Sam Hodgson; Strategic Planner: Michael Hyde
The NEW Category The NEW Category Silver Winner Colenso BBDO Auckland NEW ZEALAND Yellow Treehouse Television/Print/Outdoor/Websites/Blogs/Ambient/Live Events Yellow Pages Matthew Pickering/Ngaio Pardon/Victoria Pether/Karen Boulton/Krystel Houghton Colenso BBDO, Auckland/ Aim Proximity, Auckland Nick Worthington Dave King/Steve Cochran Nick Worthington/Steve Cochran/Dave King/Tony Clewett/Anne Boothroyd/Maria Lishman/Aaron Goldring Nick Worthington/Steve Cochran/Dave King/Tony Clewett/Anne Boothroyd/Maria Lishman/Aaron Goldring Stephen Langdon Simon Redwood Paul Courtney Nigel Sutton/Sarah Hough Mike Ltd. Auckland Michael Reihana Michael Reihana Soundtrax Auckland Shanan Goldring/Ed Hackney Robin Southgate/Cameron Crosby/Bruno Imbrizi We challenged an unknown accordion player, Tracey to build a restaurant. In a tree. She had to use only the book, her laptop and her mobile phone to search Yellow for help. Over three months she utilised more than 65 Yellow listed companies to make it happen. We documented it and made TV spots to keep the country up to date. And our website featured Tracey’s daily blog, webisodes and live webcam. In December the first guests dined under the stars 10 meters up a tree.  
The NEW Category The NEW Category Silver Winner Crispin Porter + Bogusky Boulder UNITED STATES TiVo Ordering Television/Websites/TiVo Domino's Pizza Crispin Porter + Bogusky Boulder Andrew Keller/Rob Reilly Evan Fry Steve Babcock Thomas Pettus/Bill Roden Kat Street Technical Lead: Scott Prindle Pizza and TV go so well together, we thought what if you could order pizza from your TV? By partnering with TiVo, Domino’s became the first company ever to let viewers order food right from their TV. This breakthrough technology allows people to customize their pizza by using their TiVo remote. Once their order is placed, viewers can track its every step with the Pizza Tracker. Domino’s on TiVo became a national PR story, appearing on The Today Show, Leno, Letterman and in stories across the web. More importantly, the innovation created a revolutionary new sales channel for Domino’s. Interactive Executive Creative Director: Jeff Benjamin; Interaction Director: Matt Walsh; Associate Technical Director: Christopher Kief; Quality Assurance Analyst: James Lukensow; Integrated Producer: Scott Woodrow; Managing Director of Interactive: Winston Binch; Executive Integrated Producer: Robert Valdes
The NEW Category The NEW Category Silver Winner Crispin Porter + Bogusky Boulder UNITED STATES Flame Outdoor/Websites/Ambient/Product Creation Burger King Crispin Porter + Bogusky Boulder Rob Reilly/Andrew Keller Bill Wright/James Dawson-Hollis Ryan Kutscher/Paul Caiozzo Ryan Kutscher/Ryan Raab/John Reid Mel Kreilen/Kat Dudkiewicz/Frances Chang Tiffany Yang John Whitmore Technical Director: Scott Prindle How do you make BK the must-have brand for holiday gift giving? You don’t sell burgers; you sell the sizzle. For the price of a Whopper, BK launched the season’s most unexpected stocking stuffer. The ultimate pheromone: the scent of seduction with a hint of flame-broiled meat. The world’s first fast food-inspired fragrance could go by no other name than Flame. Holiday shoppers burned through BK’s supply of Flame in three days. Flame was such a holiday hit, BK re-released it just in time for Valentine’s Day. The Flame burned strong all winter long. Interactive Executive Creative Director: Jeff Benjamin; Interactive Associate Creative Director: Nuno Ferreira; Interaction Director: Matt Walsh; Associate Technical Director: Mat Ranauro; Quality Assurance Analyst: James Lukensow; Interactive Design Director: Pelun Chen; Managing Director of Interactive: Winston Binch; Executive Integrated Interactive Producer: Robert Valdes; Senior Integrated Producer: Melissa Eccles; Executive Art Producer: Sheri Radel
The NEW Category The NEW Category Silver Winner Jung von Matt Hamburg GERMANY Philharmonic Orchestra of Hamburg Live Events Philharmonic Orchestra of Hamburg Anke Göbber/Sandra Huckenbeck Jung von Matt Hamburg Oliver Voss/Armin Jochum Götz Ulmer/Fabian Frese Dr. Stefan Fockenberg/Fabian Bill/Jan-Florian Ege Simon Hiebl/Julia Ziegler Tobias Fritschen BluWi, Hamburg/ Erste Liebe Film, Hamburg Timo Blunk/Stefan Will/Ralf Denker/Marco Dreckkötter Mario Zozin Stefan Bothe/Holger Markewitz-Peters (giraffentoast) Post Producer: Andreas Doria We created the biggest concert in the world. 100 musicians were stationed in 50 locations throughout Hamburg; arranged as though they were in an orchestra pit. Each of the musicians were able to follow the conductor, by watching a live transmission onto the screens in front of them. They played the Second Symphony by Johannes Brahms – simultaneously. In addition to the live event, the whole world was able to watch online. Technical Director: Jens Reher/Jochen Dirks/Alexander Paus (POOL Group); Public Relations/Executive: Joachim R. Kortlepel
The NEW Category The NEW Category Bronze Winner BBH China Shanghai CHINA WWF China - "Fate's in Your Hands" Mobile WWF China Jasmine Huang/Joyce Hong BBH China Shanghai Johnny Tan Carol Ong/Ken Lu Yinbo Ma/Alex Avis Josephine Peh Qdero Limited Shanghai Dr. Michael Gervautz Dr. Daniel Wagner/Dr. Istvan Barakonyi Steve Chao/Yinbo Ma/Carol Ong John Gu/Oliver Pei Marco Dörflinger Planner: Philip Man 30,000 hectares of forest fall everyday. To get Chinese youth involved, WWF developed a mobile application that lets you witness firsthand how wildlife struggles to cope outside its habitat. Idea: Wildlife’s fate is in your hands. 1. ENGAGE VIRTUALLY. Point your phone anywhere a virtual bear interacts with your environment. It bumps into walls, trips over stairs, etc. 2. ENGAGE FOR REAL. Click one button to sign up with WWF, or to spread awareness to everyone in your SMS address book. This campaign is a groundbreaking way to use mobile. It also simplifies how individuals can create real change.  
The NEW Category The NEW Category Bronze Winner BMF Sydney AUSTRALIA Tooheys Extra Dry 696mL Print/Outdoor/Websites/Ambient/Live Events/Direct Lion Nathan Australia Nick Garret/Fleur Kennedy/Michelle Bradfield BMF Sydney Warren Brown Simon Langley/Chris James Michael Canning Shane Bradnick/Johnny Brian (Interactive) Luca Ionescu/DMOTE/Shepard Fairey (Studio Number One) Sora Nobari/Sarah Thompson/Clinton Bell Ed Stuckey Strategic Planner: Simon McCrudden Many Australian beer brands offer their product in a larger-size “longneck” bottle. To grow their market and give their current customers this option, Tooheys Extra Dry (TED) wanted to launch their own longneck beer bottle, the TED 696ml. In Australia, longneck beer bottles are always sold in brown paper bags. Therefore if we could own this bag, we would own the category. So we launched the TED696 Project – a collaboration between TED and some of the world's best street artists to design a brown bag using the theme of ‘696’. We then opened the competition to the wider public. Communication Strategist: David Cook
The NEW Category The NEW Category Bronze Winner Dentsu Inc. Tokyo JAPAN JUJU feat. Spontania Mobile SONY Music Entertainment Inc. Kei Terasaki Dentsu Inc. Tokyo Yuki Kishi Yosuke Murai Hirosuke Yoshimori Kei Terasaki ROBOT Communications Inc. Tokyo Shinya Kishiro Takahiro Miki SONY Music Entertainment Inc. Tokyo Tomoko Tanaka Cinematographer: Hiroyuki Hourin Japanese singer-songwriter JUJU has released a new single CD, "SUNAO NI NARETARA (Wish I could be true to myself)" for female teenagers and women in their twenties. For this announcement, we developed brand-new method of mobile movie which is named "Pair Movie". We leveraged this technique for song promotion and have produced a Music Video which is made up of 5 episodes. The videos are streamed for free on the campaign website for mobile only. Assistant Producer: Yasuhiro Kawasaki
The NEW Category The NEW Category Bronze Winner Ignited El Segundo UNITED STATES Army Experience Center Outdoor/Websites/Online/Offline Games/Ambient/Live Events/Networked Communities/Radio/In Theater U.S. Army John Carlisle/Ben Brackett/Nick Von Zumwalt Ignited El Segundo Matt Garthoff Mike Wolfsohn Jarrett Farls Dave Muraca Garrett Jones Diego Espana Joe Farrell Silverwood Productions/The Scenic Route Richie Kulchar/Garrett Freberg Ken Dodge/Art Wilder German Rivera Joey Choudhury Director of Experiential Marketing: Brynn Harris Facing falling recruitment rates and misperceptions about life in its ranks, the Army needed a groundbreaking way to have an open, ongoing conversation with potential Soldiers and the public. Ignited imagined a place where the Army’s cutting-edge technology, diverse career opportunities and modern lifestyles around the world would be shared. The Army Experience Center is a twenty-first century destination for people to get accurate Army information from the source. From touch-screen kiosk software and footprint design to a multimedia marketing campaign and dedicated website, Ignited created every aspect of the experience to paint a new perception of the Army. Director of Technology: Matt Hrushka; IT and Tech Lead: David Glettner; Design Director: Oogie Lee
The NEW Category The NEW Category Bronze Winner Leo Burnett Lisbon PORTUGAL Pampero Rum World's First Ephemeral Museum Print,Outdoor,Websites,Blogs,Online/Offline Games,Ambient,Live Events,Email,Podcast,Networked Commun Diageo Portugal Inês Almeida/Francisco Silva Leo Burnett Lisboa Chacho Puebla Chacho Puebla Juan Christmann Ricardo Toledo Cristina Almeida/António Junior/António Franca/Hugo Lage Fred Bosch/Mónica Rocha Creative Advisor: Tura To Launch Pampero Rum in the underground scene of Portugal we’ve created the world´s first Ephemeral Museum. First, the best pieces of street art at the Bairro Alto district were tagged. Then we created a website where you can download an audio-guide and a map with the pieces location. So you can go out with your mp3 player and walk the museum streets.  
The NEW Category The NEW Category Bronze Winner Lowe/Draftfcb Amsterdam NETHERLANDS Upload Cinema Live Events Filmtheatre De Uitkijk Esther de Kok/Irene van Deijl/Sharoni van Hulzen Lowe/Draftfcb Amsterdam Dagan Cohen Dagan Cohen Dagan Cohen Maurice Mikkers Condor Amsterdam Most Original Soundtracks Amsterdam Klaas Berings Eva Bodok/Miriam de Kemp Stefan van de Geer Mark Vertegaal Strategy: Dagan Cohen/Barbara de Wijn Upload Cinema brings the best videos of the web (YouTube) to the big screen. Every first Monday of the month a fresh program internet shorts is screened in the De Uitkijk in Amsterdam. Each month there’s a new theme. The audience submits films trough; an editorial board selects the best and compiles a feature length program. Jr Copywriter: Jeroen Flink; Jr Art Director: Nils Noltee
The NEW Category The NEW Category Bronze Winner Ogilvy Frankfurt Frankfurt GERMANY ANAD - Contemporary Beauty Ideal Ambient ANAD (National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated) Veronika Sikvolgyi Ogilvy Frankfurt Frankfurt Dr. Stephan Vogel Dr. Stephan Vogel/Christian Mommertz Christian Mommertz/Albert S. Chan/Sabina Hesse Albert S. Chan/Sabina Hesse Jo Bacherl Art Buyer: Valerie Opitz ANAD is a pro bono organisation that educates the public about the dangers of anorexia. They asked us to help them raise money and awareness. The Solution: To demonstrate the unhealthy beauty ideals promoted by the media and fashion industry we re-painted world famous masterpieces. These paintings were then displayed in fine art museums - exactly where visitors would expect to see manifestations of true beauty. The Results: This shocking sight generated enormous interest, which spread via word of mouth and numerous articles in major national newspapers. Painter: Remus Grecu
The NEW Category The NEW Category Bronze Winner Proximity London London UNITED KINGDOM RNLI Blogs/Direct/'Gathering' of bloggers at Brand Headquarters Royal National Lifeboat Institution Georgia Bradley-Grant/Joseph Pirrie/Elly Woolston Proximity London London Caitlin Ryan Debi Bester Debi Bester/Chris Monk/Nick Moffat Sonia Singleton Pulse Films London Thomas Benski Neil Andrews Dan Morgan The media portrays British youth as thugs - it’s misleading and they resent it. Find out how we used this insight to build the RNLI from ‘the charity least known among young people’ to ‘one of the most talked about charities online’ in summer 08. By recognising bloggers as new media moguls. By empowering them to challenge old media. By sending a mere handful of unbranded ‘mystery packages’ provoking 1,000,000 views comments and videos, and reaching over 10% of 15-20 year olds in Britan. By creating a campaign that became a movement and rebranded not only the RNLI but a generation.  
The NEW Category The NEW Category Bronze Winner Sancho BBDO Bogotá COLOMBIA GM Colmotores Chevrolet "TaxiRockola" Television/Print/Outdoor/Ambient/Live Events/Mobile/Direct/Radio/Concerts/Dvd`s/Video clip GM Colmotores Chevrolet Carlos Felipe Arango/Carolina González/Jose Daniel Leon Sancho BBDO Bogotá Hugo Corredor/Giovanni Martínez Andrés Norato/Claudia Murillo Hugo Corredor/Giovanni Martínez/Andrés Norato/Claudia Murillo Andrés Norato/Luis David Parra Claudia Murillo/Iván Gutierrez Leonardo Salgado This was a campaign that asked taxi drivers TO WRITE THE BEST STORY THAT EVER HAPPENED TO THEM IN THEIR TAXI. The two best stories, became songs of the popular music artists beloved by taxi drivers; PETER MANJARRES and JHONNI RIVERA. We received 7.000 stories and both songs became hits. The songs turned taxi drivers into the main characters of the campaign, and we made them feel our brand closer to them, they felt we perfectly understood their work needs.