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Gold Winner

Environmental Design
Entrant: ART+COM, Berlin
Media Facade
"Mediatecture for the BMW Museum"
Corporate Name of Client: BMW Group
Design Company: ART+COM, Berlin/ATELIER BRUECKNER, Stuttgart
Creative Directors: Joachim Sauter (ART+COM)/Uwe R. Brueckner (ATELIER BRUECKNER)
Associate Creative Director: Eberhard Schlag (ATELIER BRUECKNER)
Art Director: Dennis Paul (ART+COM)
Graphic Designers: Susanne Traeger/Jens-Ove Panknin/Christine Paech/David Siegel/Gerd Grueneis/Tobias Gremmler (ART+COM)

Concept: The approach was to create a dynamic environment for a museum of mobility. The Mediatecture, a symbiosis of media and architecture, on one hand, enlarges the space by extending it virtually through three-dimensional moving images. It also sets the exhibited "parked" cars in motion relative to the animated walls. In the reactive mode, the pattern of illumination changes according to the presence of visitors and thus actively involved them in the scenario.

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