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Entrant: Bungalow25, Madrid
Casino Gran Madrid - Slot Machines
"Casino Brings You Luck"
Corporate Name of Client: Casino Madrid
Account Managers: Javier Cavanillas/Marta Larrauri
Agency: Bungalow25, Madrid
Executive Creative Directors: Pablo Pérez-Solero/Julio Gálvez
Creative Director: Iñigo Ancizu
Copywriter: Sergio Cuenca
Art Director: Paula Maia Caroo

Concept: 1. Strategy: Casino Gran Madrid wanted a campaign that generated as much publicity as possible to attract more people to the casino and increase the use of their slot machines. 2. Creative Execution: Luck may surprise you anywhere, but where it can really win you money is in the Casino. To this end we created an unconventional advertising media, integrated into the city, which allowed us to prove our theory. We hung a panel that replicated the screen of one of the Casino’s fruit machines from a bridge over a main street in Madrid. The fruit was represented by cars as they passed under the bridge. If, on stopping at a traffic light, three cars with the same colour coincided, you could take a photo and send it to Casino with a chance to win €80,000. 3. Results: More than 1,000 MMS received during the two-week campaign. Casino visits increased by 10% during this period and the use of fruit machines rose by 16%.

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