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Medium Category Company City Country Brand Name of Product or Service Media Type URL Address Username Password Corporate Name of Client Account Manager(s) Advertising Agency Advertising Agency City Chief Creative Officer(s) Group Creative Director(s) Executive Creative Director(s) Creative Director(s) Associate Creative Director(s) Copywriter(s) Art Director(s) Photographer(s) Illustrator(s) Graphic Designer(s) Executive Agency Producer(s) Agency Producer(s) Production Company Production Company City Senior Executive Producer Executive Producer(s) Producer(s) Director(s) Sound Design Company Sound Design City Sound Designer(s) Designer Interactive Designer Programmer Other Basic description of the project
The NEW Category The NEW Category ART+COM Berlin GERMANY The Kinetic Sculpture for the BMW Museum Mechatronical Installation BMW Group Joachim Sauter Jussi Ängeslevä/Patrick Kochlik/Petra Trefzger MKT AG Olching Peter Haschkamp idee und klang Basel Ramon De Marco Susanne Traeger David Siegel/Simon Schießl Project Manager: Gert Monath The Kinetic Sculpture is a metaphorical translation of the form-finding process in design. The installation consists of 714 metal spheres hanging from thin steel wires attached to individually-controlled stepper motors. Covering a six-square-metre area, the spheres animate a seven-minute long mechatronic narrative, creating a representation of the form-finding process in different variations. Moving chaotically at first, the sculpture evolves through several competing forms and eventually resolves into a final shape whose profile hints at one of many well-known, historic and current, BMW automobiles.  
The NEW Category The NEW Category beacon communications k.k. Tokyo JAPAN Premium Vidal Sassoon Live Events Procter & Gamble Japan K.K. beacon communications k.k. Tokyo Hidekazu Sato Katsuhiro Shimizu Hideki Ida/Ryo Mochizuki/Sato Takahashi imaginative inc., Tokyo/ Fishgrove Co. Ltd., Tokyo Yosuke Fukasawa Shuichi Hirata Planner: Yasushi Arikawa/Yuji Mizuto Our challenge was to make the glamorous world of Music Fashion Vidal Sassoon more accessible by engaging the consumer at street level. We invited the consumers to take centre stage (literally and metaphorically) in a world normally reserved for the most glamorous and famous. So overwhelming was the response to this promotion, 3-hour long queues built up throughout the duration of the four-week promotion. 360º Snap Website page views exceeded 3 million hits during the promotion period. And Vidal Sassoon enjoyed a market share increase of approximately 200% (2.5% to 4.9%) during the promotion. Mobile: Tadakazu Oda/Seiki Nakayama; Device: Koki Gomibuchi
The NEW Category The NEW Category Clemenger BBDO Wellington NEW ZEALAND Distracted Drivers Websites New Zealand Transport Agency Sean Keaney and Linda Reuvecamp Clemenger BBDO Wellington Philip Andrew Paul Nagy Sarah Jackson/Lisa Scott/Marc Broad/Tammy Keegan/Paul Nagy Sarah Jackson/Lisa Scott/Marc Broad/Tammy Keegan/Paul Nagy Martin Gray Run the Red Marc Broad Editor: Jason Martin Production Manager: Lisa Scott
The NEW Category The NEW Category Cossette Montreal CANADA Molson Dry - Augmented Reality Party Messages Television/Online/Offline Augmented Reality Campaign login as guest Molson Canada Bruno Lemieux/Nadine Jazouli Cossette Montreal Patrick Beauduin Jonathan Rouxel Neil Frisby Fern Breslaw Nadine Gray Fake Mathieu Bouyrie Patrick Guevin Mato Atom Frederic Faubert Programming: Alban Jouvin Positioned as Montreal's party beer, Molson Dry launched new bottle labels using thermosensitive ink that when cold, displayed different party messages. Because these messages appear out of the label, Augmented Reality technology was used. Users could hold up their bottle to their web cam and see different animated messages appear out of the label. In an Augmented Reality first, they could record themselves live and create their own mini party/music videos. These clips were then posted to and voted on. The winning videos then became the online ads for the campaign, driving more people to buy the new bottles, try the AR for themselves and experience our proposition.  
The NEW Category The NEW Category Cossette Montreal CANADA Molson Dry - Social Reality Game Websites/Online/Offline Games/Live Events dell12345 Molson Canada Bruno Lemieux/Nadine Jazouli Cossette Montreal Patrick Beauduin Jonathan Rouxel Catherine Savard Marilou Aubin/Neil Frisby Kevin Lo David Arcouette Sandie Rotge Fjord Fjord Iléana Gonzales/Marilou Aubin/Kevin Lo Mike Gleason-Couturier/Sébastien Mérel/Jean-François Bernier/Cedrick Patenaude/Mark Carlevaris/Charles Crépeau/Dominic Gauthier Technical Director: Marian Borca/Antoine Bellavance We created a social reality game, the APP Party Circuit, in response to the growing demand from brand enthusiasts who wanted to engage further with the “Association of Party Pros”, a campaign launched the previous year for Molson Dry. Participants play the game through a series of exclusive Molson Dry events, private parties and several social networking sites. Players earn points and medals by completing challenges and being active in our online community. The best players will earn the title of “party legend” and represent Québec at the Tenerife Carnival in Spain.  
The NEW Category The NEW Category DDB Germany Berlin GERMANY IKEA Furniture Live Events IKEA Austria Stephen Kimpel/Patrick Baschinski DDB Germany Berlin Amir Kassaei Stefan Schulte Birgit van den Valenty/Tim Stübane René Gebhardt/Björn Kernspeckt Peter Schönherr/Anke Zink Jonathan Helmer/Kathrin Rüppel How do you get maximum attention of young people? Advertise in cinemas but don’t do a standard commercial. So we inspired moviegoers with an unseen idea to get them spreading our message themselves. We used existing great movies with great actors in which IKEA products are seen accidentally. With a smart and clever trick we directed the people’s attention to the IKEA products. Guerrilla promotion teams equipped with powerful portable projectors brought names and prices of IKEA products during the movie on the screen – next to Brad Pitt, George Clooney and other famous actors.  
The NEW Category The NEW Category Euro RSCG Duesseldorf GERMANY Fiftyfifty - Magazine for Homeless People - "Transparent Man" Outdoor/Ambient/Live Events/Direct Fiftyfifty Daniel Grube Euro RSCG Duesseldorf Felix Glauner Torsten Pollmann/Florian Meimberg Till Köster Jean-Pierre Gregor/Désirée Rose Jennifer Meisels Congaz Lars Barth A spectacular light installation made a homeless street paper salesman invisible and shows impressively, how homeless people are ignored by pedestrians every day. Image Editor: Peter Holzportz; Strategic Planner: Manuel Woelki; Light Designer: Thomas Tennagels; Editor: Stefan Kropp
The NEW Category The NEW Category mortierbrigade Brussels BELGIUM Music For Life Television/Websites studio brussels Patricia Vandekerckhove mortierbrigade Brussels Jens Mortier/Joost Berends/Philippe Deceuster Paul Popelier Dieter Vanhoof Patricia Vandekerkchove vrt Brussels